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Tri-Gen-Zero™ Overview

Tri-Gen-Zero™ is more than a technical concept for producing clean energy, it is an ideal borne from an ancient indigenous philosophy that ties all of us to our environment and our inherent responsibility for keeping the planet safe, clean and habitable for future generations.

“Tri-generation for Multi-generations”, if you will. It is a concept that allows us to practice sustainable development without having to make compromises to our broader objective of environmental sustainability.

It is possible to produce electricity without CO2 emissions, and we need to continue this new Industry standard for generations to come. With Tri-Gen-Zero™ it is possible to convert inexpensive and plentiful natural gas into electricity and still be CO2 free.

The “Zero” in Tri-Gen-Zero™ comes from taking the CO2 produced in the gas turbine down to zero percent CO2 emissions.

This is accomplished by employing modern scrubbing technologies with carbon capture and sequestration practices utilizing state-of-the-art vertical produce and algae farms. 90% of the CO2 is scrubbed out allowing the vertical produce and algae farms to sequester the remaining 10% through the natural process of photosynthesis.

4 Skies Tri-Gen-Zero™ model delivers remarkable results

  • A highly efficient power plant which can achieve up to 61% efficiency (NG to electric efficiency);

  • A highly efficient and highly profitable, self-sustaining, organic produce growing operation; and

  • Zero CO2 emissions.