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4 SKIES projects employ state-of-the-art natural gas power plants as a source of electricity, as well as the CO2 needed to enhance crop production in large-scale vertical farms.

Depending on the project scope, power plants can utilize combined-cycle natural gas (NGCC) technology, with or without CO2 scrubbing technology, or simple cycle natural gas (SCNG) power plants. In all cases, the CO2 produced during combustion will be captured and utilized to enhance crop production. The reason for using natural gas power plants as the preferred source of power and CO2 is because natural gas is plentiful and is by far the cleanest source of fossil fuel available today. By combining a vertical farm with an natural gas power plant, and where necessary CO2 scrubbing technology, it is possible to scale each project to produce zero CO2 emissions.

For smaller scale projects, 4 SKIES has the option to utilize mobile natural gas power plants. It is unlikely that CO2 scrubbing will be necessary since the vertical farms will be sized to utilize all of the CO2, as well as all of the power produced.


Natural gas power plants are scalable in their capacity from as small as 5 MW to 5,000 MW and can compete with coal, oil, nuclear and hydro power plants in terms of cost and grid parity. However, they can not compete with nuclear and hydro in terms of emissions. This is where TRI-GEN-ZERO™ comes in. By combining vertical farms and modern scrubbing technology a TRI-GEN-ZERO™ project can be both profitable,  as well as CO2 emissions free,  with natural gas as its fuel source.