The 4 SKIES concept for “Repurposing Pickering” is as much about continuing to look after our planet as it is about finding a way to breathe new life back into the old Pickering Nuclear Plant. For those of us lucky enough to be around at the dawn of the nuclear age in Ontario, we marvelled at how bold and daring the Pickering Nuclear Plant was when it sprang to life with its seemingly endless supply of clean electricity. It was almost unthinkable then that the Pickering plant would ever stop delivering power. But, alas, the time has come to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new, to dare to reach one more time to try something new... Trigeneration.

The 4 SKIES concept recommends repurposing the old Pickering Plant site into an entirely new power plant site, with the following features:

  • The technology recommended will be a combined-cycle, trigeneration, natural gas fired power plant with a baseload capacity of 2,000 MW of clean electricity, taking advantage of clean, cheap and plentiful natural gas.

  • The plant will have nearly zero CO2 emissions by involving new adsorption scrubbing technologies from Siemens to remove 90% of the CO2 and by sending the remaining 10% of CO2 to an array of modern greenhouses utilizing advanced vertical farming techniques using LEC lighting.

Natural Gas Combined Cycle (NGCC) Plant

  • The greenhouse and vertical farming operation will produce 100,000 tons of fresh produce annually with virtually no seasonal limitations on type or quality or quantity.

  • Waste from the greenhouses will be processed in anaerobic digesters on site producing biogas, of which some will be used to power a gas engine and generator to supply electricity and waste heat to the greenhouses, and some will be cleaned and processed into compressed natural gas for use in delivery vehicles.

  • Ancillary facilities involving a water distillation plant, Horticultural R&D centre, Natural Gas filling station and information centre.

  • The project will provide 1500 – 2000 construction jobs and 500 – 700 fulltime jobs, including 250 – 300 fulltime jobs in the trigeneration Natural Gas Plant and 250 - 450 jobs in the greenhouse operations. Training will be fairly straight forward as many OPG personnel who will be utilized in the new plant will already have most of the necessary skills sets.

  • The 4 SKIES concept also recommends adopting the idea of opening up areas within the site for other unique and innovative renewable energy technologies, in a “Clean Energy Park” to show case not only the Repurposed Pickering plant and greenhouse operation, but clean energy in all its forms where people can come and see what Ontario has to offer the world.

4 SKIES is ready willing and able to assist OPG and the Ontario Government to explore this concept further and to participate in the feasibility study and the project itself should the 4 SKIES concept be accepted to proceed to the next step. We sincerely hope you will “Dare to Reach” with us. 

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Anaerobic Digester Facility