Executive Summary

4 Skies Energy Solutions Inc. (4 SKIES) proposes to repurpose General Electric’s former factory on Taylor Street, in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, by installing a Vertical Farm Operation to take advantage of the space and facilities offered by the property.

The project will encompass a zero-emission strategy from 4 SKIES called TRI-GEN-ZERO™ which ensures that all power generated on the site for use by the vertical farm will be CO2 emissions free as 100% of the CO2 will be utilized to enhance plant growth. The Natural Gas power plant will be capable of producing 50 MW of electricity per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The annual volume of organic produce to be grown in the vertical farm operation and sold to a national food wholesaler is estimated at 50,705 metric tons (50,704,650 kilograms).

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $516,710,688 USD and is provided here for budgetary purposes. The final costs are subject to change pending the feasibility study and final engineering for the project.

GE Generator

Project Details  

Project Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Type of Project Tri-Gen-Zero™
Project Cost $516,710,688 USD
Type of Power Technology Natural Gas Simple Cycle
Plant Capacity (electric) 50 MW (gross)
Power Plant Efficiency 35% (electric)
Electricity to Grid N/A
Potable Water Potential 2.2 million gallons/day (10,000 m3)
Type of Greenhouse Technology Vertical Farming & Gully System
Greenhouse Area (factory) 1,200,000 sq. ft., (111,483 m2)
Vertical Farm Area (6 Stories) 1,300,000 sq. ft. (120,000 m2)
Greenhouse Produce Potential 50,705 tons/year
Estimated Time for Completion 16 – 20 months
Project Life Up to 50 years
Zero Carbon Emissions Target 151,110 metric tons COE/year
Vertical Gardens

A feasibility study will be carried out to determine the economic viability of the project.  4 SKIES will oversee and coordinate the study involving experts in the power generation and vertical farming industries. When completed, and presuming the study’s findings support the recommendation to pursue the project as proposed, 4 SKIES is prepared to undertake all necessary activities to complete the project on a Build Own and Operate (BOO) basis.  4 SKIES is also willing to consider any other options that may be put on the table to see this project completed.

Total Project Cost (USD) 

# Item Description  
1 Hard Costs Plant and Equipment, Greenhouses, Ancillary Facilities   $496,837,200
2 Soft Costs Working Capital and Financing Fees (2% of Project Costs)   $19,873,488
Total $516,710,688

The feasibility study will more accurately determine the size and scope of the project and the costs to operate the power plant and vertical farm operation. Because of the large area of rooftop available on each of the four vertical farm buildings to be constructed, there will also be PV solar panels installed to augment the power supplied by the gas power plant. 

4 SKIES proposes to arrange for and organize the feasibility study utilizing local area professional consultants, who have considerable farming and agricultural expertise as well as familiarity with power infrastructure. 4 SKIES and its technical partners will provide their respective feedback to ensure the study closely follows the proposed project outline. It is anticipated the finished product will be credible and reliable while standing up to scrutiny by funders who will be called upon to finance the project.  The proposed budget for the study is $500,000 USD.