The 4 SKIES project proposed for KAHNAWAKE is as much about being proactive in finding ways to look after our planet as it is about finding a way to generate economic opportunity for KAHNAWAKE members. 

By introducing the TRI-GEN-ZERO™ concept to KAHNAWAKE, 4 SKIES believes that all members of the KAHNAWAKE community will benefit from clean, reliable and inexpensive energy, an abundance of quality, long-term, well-paying jobs and being a major contributor to Canada’s food security. 

The KAHNAWAKE project represents a unique, viable and profitable business opportunity for 4 SKIES and its local partner, while giving KAHNAWAKE an opportunity to diversify its economy away from a reliance on online gaming revenues and forward toward a unique type of agribusiness which today promises to be an industry disrupter in the coming decades. 

The project is summarized as follows:

  • The initial technology recommended will be a 22 MW natural gas power plant, coupled with a 995,743 ft2 (100,000 m2) vertical farming operation. (This is subject to change once the feasibility study is completed.)

  • The natural gas power plant will achieve zero CO2 emissions by sending 100% of the CO2 to the vertical farming operation to enhance food production.

  • The vertical farming operation will produce 25,361 metric tons of fresh produce annually with virtually no seasonal limitations on type, quality or quantity.

  • Waste from the greenhouses farms will be processed on site in anaerobic digesters producing biogas that will be refined into natural gas to be consumed by the gas plant.

  • Ancillary facilities involving a 2.2 million gallon/day (10,000 m3) water purification plant, anaerobic digesters and a Horticultural R&D centre will be integrated into the project.

  • The project will provide 300 – 400 construction jobs over an 18-month construction period and 300 – 400 full time operational jobs over the 30+ year life of the project.

  • The 4 SKIES concept also recommends adopting the idea of opening up areas within the site for other unique and innovative renewable energy technologies, such as BIPV, bird friendly wind turbines, solar and wind powered street lights.

4 SKIES and its partners are ready, willing and able to work with KAHNAWAKE to develop the project. 

In so doing, 4 SKIES is prepared to take the lead role as developer and to arrange for the coordination and execution of the feasibility study and other activities from start to finish.  We sincerely hope that all participants will “Dare to Reach” with us to achieve this worthwhile project.