Executive Summary

4 Skies Energy Solutions Inc. (4 SKIES) proposes to install a 22 MW Natural Gas Power Plant and Vertical Farm Operation on the Kahnawake First Nation Territory (KAHNAWAKE). The project will encompass a zero-emission strategy from 4 SKIES called TRI-GEN-ZERO™.

When completed, the natural gas plant portion of the project will supply a total of 198,676,800 kWh of electricity annually to the local grid, via four Taurus 60 natural gas turbine units from Solar Turbines (a division of Caterpillar) delivering 5.5 MW each. This is enough power to supply every household and band related facility in KAHNAWAKE, as well as the vertical farm operation.

A feasibility study will more accurately determine the actual power demand in KAHNAWAKE as well as the power needs for the project. Also, because of the large area of rooftop on each of the two vertical farm buildings to be constructed, there will be PV solar panels installed to augment the power supplied by the gas power plant. It is anticipated that any excess power production can be readily uploaded and sold into the grid.

The vertical farm operation will be scaled to utilize 100% of the available CO2 from the natural gas power plant (approximately 68,543 metric tons of CO2 annually), negating the need for CO2 scrubbers. The annual volume of organic produce to be grown in the vertical farm operation and sold to a national food wholesaler is estimated at 25,361 metric tons (25,361,094 kilograms), representing a potential gross revenue of $279.5 million per year.

Pending approval from the Chief and Council of KAHNAWAKE, a feasibility study will be carried out to determine the economic viability of the project and to confirm the location and site for the project (approximately 5 hectares). 4 SKIES will oversee and coordinate the feasibility study involving experts in the power generation and vertical farming industries and will seek private funding to pay for the study. When completed, and presuming the study’s findings support the recommendation to pursue the project, 4 SKIES is prepared to undertake all necessary activities to complete the project. It is anticipated that the project will be developed as a joint venture with 4 Skies and Irvin Goodleaf, a private investor and resident member of the KAHNAWAKE First Nation.

4 SKIES proposes to arrange for and organize the feasibility study utilizing the Montreal offices of Collins Barrow Charted Professional Accounts who have considerable farming and agricultural expertise and Stantec Inc., who have considerable power engineering and infrastructure experience. Both have considerable experience working with Aboriginal communities and businesses. Utilizing these two consulting firms, with input from 4 SKIES and its partners, will ensure the completed feasibility study will be credible and stand up to scrutiny by funders who will be called upon to finance the project. The proposed budget for the study is $500,000 CDN.

Project Details

Project Location KAHNAWAKE First Nation
Type of Project Tri-Gen-Zero™
Project Cost $450,417,736 USD
Type of Power Technology 4 x Natural Gas Power Plant
Plant Capacity (electric) 22.68 MW (gross)
Power Plant Efficiency >31.5% (electric), 85%+ (CHP)
Electricity to Grid 198,676,800 kWh/year
Potable Water Potential 2.2 million gallons/day (10,000 m3)
Type of Greenhouse Technology Vertical Farming & Gully System
Greenhouse Area 995,743 sq. ft., (92,508 m2)
Greenhouse Foot Print (5 Stories) 2 x 10,000 m2
Greenhouse Produce Potential 25,361 metric tons/year
Estimated Time for Completion 12 – 18 months
Project Life 30+ years
Zero Carbon Emissions Target 68,543 metric tons COE
Vertical Farm Urban Gardening

The total “order of magnitude” cost of KAHNAWAKE Gas Power Plant and Vertical Farm Operation Project is $450,417,736 USD and is provided here for budgetary purposes. The final costs are subject to change pending the feasibility study and final engineering for the project.

Total Project Cost (USD)

# Item Description Total Cost
1 Hard Costs Plant and Equipment, Greenhouses, Ancillary Facilities $433,093,976
2 Soft Costs Working Capital and Financing Fees (4% of Project Costs) $17,323,760
Total $450,417,736