Strategic Partners

4 SKIES intends to team up with IGES Canada Ltd., a Kingston, Ontario, based company which specializes in organically grown produce using state-of-the-art vertical greenhouse technologies. They will provide the design and planning expertise needed to install and implement vertical green house operations for the project to utilize the waste heat and CO2 from the gas plant. There story is a local, good-news story that grew out of the tragedy at Fukushima. Using off-the shelf-technology from Japan, first designed to ensure food safety in the most adverse conditions, their integrated, environmentally controlled greenhouses can operate continuously in any climate. They can produce 100 times/m2 the GMO-free food of soil farming, without pesticides, while using 99% less water. Their packaging and delivery systems promise clean food, local employment, and stronger, more resilient communities. Their alliance with Philips, world leader in horticulture lighting, gives us a distinct edge. Their multi-spectrum LED lights utilise “light recipes”, so each crop receives the optimum spectrum for growth and health. Additional information on IGES is located at